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Does left realist criminology develop a new theoretical perspective Essay

Does left pragmatist criminology build up another hypothetical point of view - Essay Example sort which sees wrongdoing as a flaw which, with appropriate treatment, can be expelled from the group of society, which is, in itself, in any case solid and in little need of remaking. Or maybe it proposes that it is inside the center foundations of society (its connections of class and of sexual orientation) and its focal qualities, (for example, serious independence and forceful manliness) that wrongdoing emerges. Wrongdoing isn't a result of irregularity yet of the typical functions of the social request. Besides, it is sensible in that it endeavors to be dedicated to the truth of wrongdoing. This includes a few assignments: reasonably assessing the issue of wrongdoing, deconstructing wrongdoing into its major parts (the square of wrongdoing), fundamentally inspecting the idea of causality, being practical about the potential outcomes of intercession and, most importantly, completely understanding the changing social landscape in which we presently live. The specific political space wherein left authenticity developed was in the mid-1980s. The juxtaposition was with the development of traditionalist ('neo-liberal) governments in numerous Western nations which sought after a clearly discipline arranged way to deal with wrongdoing control. Around then a liberal/social just restriction was on edge. The neoliberals effectively highlighted the ascent in the crime percentage and entered enthusiastically into lawfulness crusades for 'the quiet greater part, considering wrongdoers liable for their activities and supporting discipline as the arrangement. The New Left position, which had its roots in the libertarianism of the 1960s, would in general take after a perfect representation of the right. That is, it denied or made light of the degree of wrongdoing, depicted the guilty party as casualty of the framework, and focused on a multiculturalism of decent variety and battle where radicalism involved the guard of the network against the attacks of the state, especially the police and the criminal equity framework. What was important was a criminology which could explore

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Best WordPress Alternatives 5 Top WP CMS Replacements 2020

Best WordPress Alternatives 5 Top WP CMS Replacements 2020 .elementor-19992 .elementor-element.elementor-element-19992{text-align:center}Last Updated on March 11, 2020You decided to capitalize on the blogging trend and start one for yourself. You found a niche, learned how to set one up, created all the material that will go on your new blog, and found the right time to publish it!Now, after all this hard work, you’re ready to get it online. The only problem is that after some exploration, you have decided that WordPress is not the right platform for your needs and you want to iinvestigate WordPress alternatives. It is after all pretty technical sometimes, and there are so many plugins. Disclosure As an independent review site, we get compensated if you purchase through the referral links or coupon codes on this page â€" at no additional cost to you. Dismiss alert The good news is that there are tons of great replacement content management systems (CMS) to choose from, so you don’t have to settle on one that doesn’t make you happy.I tested a bunch of different options and picked the five best alternatives to WordPress so that you can find a CMS better than WordPress for your business.This article will deliver the features of each of these alternatives to WordPress, along with their pros and cons to help and reassure you. When you finish this article, you will know a great platform for your needs and be ready to post that blogâ€"live for everyone to see!You might also like: Best WordPress hosting Here are the Best WordPress alternatives 20191. Joomla (best alternative for robust usage) Join the FREE TrainingDo You Want To Learn How To Build 6 Figures Authority Sites?Join This Free Training To...Finally have a proven method to finding profitable nichesGet access to a foolproof keyword research methodLearn how to outsource quality contentLearn how to build white hat links to your site without headaches Joomla is a pretty secure platform. Developers are regularly updating their security features and codes to prevent you from getting hacked. There are also several third-party plugins you can use to enhance security. Just remember that, at the end of the day, no one is invincible, so be careful with your content.ProsJoomla supports a lot of languages. It is a multilingual platform right from the core of its programming.Joomla is much more customizable in regard to managing hundreds of sub-pages. The modules are flexible and can easily be moved from page to page or menu to menu.Joomla allows database options to be built into your site.ConsJoomla has fewer plugins and third-party apps than WordPress. The community of programmers building for Joomla is significantly smaller, and therefore, you get less variety and detail.The interface isn’t easy to learn. Because there are so many possibilities and functions built into Joomla, the interface can get very clunky, and beginners need a lot of help to learn how the system works.Joomla is a balanced platform. While this seems great, what it rea lly means is that it is not user-friendly enough for technologically illiterate people who want an extremely intuitive program, but it is also not friendly enough for developers who know how to maximize code and generate a lot of unique content.Joomla is not a blogging CMS. The setup makes blogging very difficult, and you need a lot of technical proficiency and patience to do it. If all you need is a blog, this may not be the best option.2. Drupal (best alternative to WordPress for dvelopers) Fun Fact: NASA uses Drupal for their content, so using this option will give you something in common with rocket scientists!ProsThis is the most technologically advanced system. If you have a large site, a large business, or a lot of skill when it comes to programming and developing, you’re not going to find as many features anywhere else.Drupal focuses intensely on security. Their CMS is extremely safe, their website immediately notifies users of vulnerabilities and codes patches as they o ccur, and there are tons of extensions available to handle back-end security.Drupal is multilingual at the core. This is not true when it comes to WordPress.This system is also the most flexible option. When it comes to content types, Drupal offers much more flexibility and customization to those who know how to use it. They also you to create custom access controls with specific rules for anyone who gets access to the back end of your site. And Drupal can handle tons and tons of data and massive amounts of content because their taxonomy system is more flexible than WordPress.ConsDrupal being the most technologically advanced system is a pro, but it can also be a con. It requires a lot of programming skill and technological proficiency to take advantage of all the amazing features available. If you’re a beginner, arm yourself with their documentation or go ahead and hire a professional.This is the least efficient option available. Because it offers endless possibilities, it also m eans that the scripts will require the servers to generate larger loads and work harder. I recommend grabbing a plugin that allows your website to cache to a server.3. Ghost (best WordPress alternative for bloggers)One of the amazing features that Ghost offers is a live preview. In WordPress, you can easily end up with dozens of tabs open and lose track of which ones have previews and which ones have code that needs to be saved. Ghost offers a preview in the same browser window, side by side, so you can easily find and tweak any changes.ConsThere’s not an iOS app for working in Ghost. This makes mobile compatibility and on-the-go updates impossible. While their platform is mobile friendly, updating must be done through the browser, which can get tricky on a small mobile screen.Ghost doesn’t have a native commenting system. You must use a third-party app like Disqus if you want your audience to be able to interact with your content.The support community is limited. Compared to ot her giants, the support forums are much smaller on Ghost than other CMS platforms. There is also less documentation.There are fewer tools and features available. Ghost was built for blogging, not for running large sites and e-commerce stores. Because of this, they don’t offer tons of tools, features, and functions.4. SilverStripe (Best WordPress alternative CMS for ease of use)SilverStripe is a small CMS platform with massive potential. It offers a huge framework instead of just a blogging platform and is versatile and friendly for developers.Programmers who are extremely skilled with PHP will notice that they can create nearly anything they want. There are a limited number of modules and even some professionally designed templates that look as nice as WordPress can boast, despite there being fewer of them!Fun Fact: The Democratic National Convention chose SilverStripe as their hosting platform, so you know they can handle massive projects and that their security is tight.SilverSt ripe calls their plugins “modules”. Like WordPress, they have a lot of available modules to choose from. Unlike WordPress, their modules are more like suggestions. These are completely customizable, and developers can customize them to fit the needed of their site instead of having to use them as they were originally coded.SilverStripe comes with a BSD license (meaning free to use, share and modify), and it is completely open-sourced software. In fact, they even let you demo their product before signing up for it!ProsThis is extremely easy to use. Developers and users both love the flexible framework and suite of tools and features. They have one of the cleanest user interfaces available anywhere. They also use drag-and-drop technology to allow users to move pages around easily.As WordPress alternatives go, SilverStripe is more secure. Being smaller than other major CMS platforms means they are less likely to be targeted. They add another layer of insulation, too, because they s eparate their developers from their users. They have high standards that all developers must meet in order to continue coding through SilverStripe.SilverStripe is the best of the WordPress alternatives for multilingual sites as it allows visitors to view the site in their language of choice.This platform allows you to try the demo before investing too much time into it.ConsDevelopers are the ones who get to customize. They hide the functionality from end users. This means that you won’t be able to do as much yourself.Their community is much smaller than WordPress. This means there are fewer people to answer questions. Their documentation is also less extensive.While there is the potential for unlimited custom themes that don’t exist at WordPress, the access is limited to developers. SilverStripe is aimed towards developers, not end users, so there aren’t as many great ready-to-use themes. They assume that every developer is going to code their own theme.5. CMS Made Simple or C MSMS (best alternative to WordPress for SEO)ConsThey may have over-simplified themselves. In their effort to provide a simple and clean platform, they have made it difficult to build certain things. You will need to use modules and extensions for nearly everything, including blogs! Once you start needing to continually install and customize third-party templates, it becomes more of a hassle than just using a less simple interface that includes the features you need.Despite its simplicity, this platform is not for beginners. You need to be a seasoned developer to understand how to make this platform do what you want it to do. Even their end-user tutorial section is more of a tutorial for developers who are new to Twig than an end user guideline.The best alternatives to WordPress CMS: our conclusionThere are a lot of different options available if you are looking for WordPress alternatives. Each one has strengths and drawbacks, so it is important to know your budget, content needs, an d goals before deciding on which one to use.A lot of the CMS systems require a lot of technical knowledge. They are geared towards developers who are designing sites for clients and end users, and they are not meant to be used by end users themselves. Make sure that you are proficient enough to use the system you choose, or you may end up regretting the choice not to use WordPress!My recommendation for end users looking for a site they can manage themselves would be to opt for Joomla or Drupal. These are similar to WordPress in that end users can learn the system without too much knowledge of coding, but they offer enough great features to distinguish themselves.On top of all this, there are also options that are a bit more hands off such as Wix, and Weebly or Shopify if you prefer not to get your hands dirty with the coding side at all. Free WordPress hosting WordPress review

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The Current Culture Of The High School - 764 Words

Culture: There is a large discrepancy in the interpretation of how the current culture is in the High School. The administrative staff seems to have a grasp in reference to this evident in their comments that the some of the staff seems ready to move forward and some of the staff is not. After interviewing teachers, the culture at the high schools seems be on the low end. Questions pertaining to overall feeling towards administration and in specific teacher’s input being heard and valued scored on the low side with an average of about 2.7, with 1 being poor and 5 excellent. One of the lowest scoring questions references leaders not taking the time to praise teachers for doing well. In reference to this, a teacher noted the fact that Wilson high school was named the 44th best school by U.S. News and World Reports (â€Å"National Rankings,† 2015) In addition, teacher responses seemed to show a feeling of not planning across curriculum and grade levels. In addition, there is a feeling that the leadership does not value teachers co-planning and observing each other teach. As a whole, the staff felt that teachers are willing to help each other on a daily basis. These questions as well as questions about teachers being involved with and concerned with school improvement were the only questions which scored at a four or better. LEADERSHIP: The high school has a plethora of parties in leadership roles. The principal, four assistant principals, director of curriculum,Show MoreRelatedBellevue School District Essay942 Words   |  4 PagesBellevue School District (#405) has consistently ranked as one of the top 100 school districts across the nation. Virtues such as diversity and academic excellence has long defined the success of the school’s district in recent years. However, since 2013 the BSD’s national ranking has dropped significantly and although it’s still highly regarded, many have suggested that the increase in student enrollment has a negative effect on student success due to a larger student to teacher ratio. AlthoughRead MoreThe Situational Leadership Theory, Developed By Hersey And Blanchard1466 Words   |  6 Pagesdirective style that focuses on instructing what tasks needs to be accomplished and how to accomplish them, while accompanying that with high levels of supervision. Also k nown as a directing style, this method is typically used for followers in the earliest stages of development. The coaching style incorporates high levels of directive behavior paired with high levels of supportive behavior. This style encourages the leader to communicate how to meet goals while meeting the socioemotional needs ofRead MoreAnalysis Of Postecondary Remedial Education1619 Words   |  7 Pageschanging the college-going culture, system alignment, and increased parental involvement. College-Going Culture As noted by the College Board (2006) a college-going culture is An environment that builds the expectation of post-secondary education for all†¦it inspires the best in every student, and it supports in achieving their goals† (p. 2, para 1). CUSD has begun to change the perception of college, beginning at the district level and filtering to the fourteen local high schools. Data provided by R.IRead MoreThe Personal Plan Of Action936 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Plan of Action According to Eric Sheninger, effective principals are instructional leaders, create a positive school climate, employ quality teachers, are organized, has great communication skills, and has a sense of professionalism. Many of these qualities are traits that I feel I have and are continually being strengthened by the knowledge I acquire through my graduate courses and the role as FCIM facilitator. I hope that through hard work and diligence I will receive an assistant principalRead MoreThe Silenced Dialogue : Power And Pedagogy1373 Words   |  6 PagesHowever, this privilege has unequally been stripped from people of color throughout history. People of color currently experience education at a disadvantage because they are taught with the understanding that they should naturally recognize the culture, when they do not. There are many steps educators can take to help students of color gain the education they deserve, but they are stuck in their self-proclaimed, righteous methods and believe change is unnecessary. In Lisa D. Delpit’s essay, â€Å"TheRead MoreBest Instructional Practices For Teaching Content Standards964 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to Eric Sheninger, effective principals are instructional leaders, create a positive school climate, hire quality teachers, are organized, has great communication skills, and has a sense of professionalism. Many of these qualities are trait that I feel I possess and are continually being strengthened by the knowledge I acquire through my graduate courses and the role as FCIM facilitator. I hope that through hard work and diligence I will receive an assistant principal appointment in theRead MoreSchool Culture Analysis Essay1655 Words   |  7 PagesRunning head: SCHOOL CULTURE ANALYSIS School Culture Analysis Lisa Mack Grand Canyon University EDA 529 Dr. Tony Elmer July 21, 2009 School Culture Analysis The term school culture describes the environment that affects the behavior of the entire school community. School culture can be defined as the quality and character of school life. It is based on patterns of school life experiences and reflects norms, goals, values, relationships, teaching, leadership practicesRead MoreLeadership Characteristics Of Blue Ribbon Schools And Teacher Morale1721 Words   |  7 Pagesidentified Blue Ribbon Schools and teacher morale. This study enlisted a number of teachers, counselors, principals and assistant principals from identified Blue Ribbon Schools in a southern state to participate in the study. During this study, the researchers used specific survey questions designed to identify behavioral leadership traits and the resulting staff/teacher morale. These survey questions were asked to educational professionals employed in the identified Blue Ribbon schools to determineRead MoreIssues with Native American Education Essay1528 Words   |  7 PagesEducation has been a topic of controversy for many years now, and will continue to be for years to come. The modern American society is best defined by its education. A good part of the average person’s life is spent at school, going to school, and paying for school. However, even though education is so obviously very important, there are many groups in America that are getting shorted. The Native Americans are a key group that has struggled the most. The largest obstacle they face is lack ofRead MoreThe College Debate On College1238 Words   |  5 Pagesbest approach. In many ways our culture places too much emphasis on college as the only path to success while failing to recognize the value in alternatives to higher education. As a culture we need to acknowledge that there are many paths to learning, and our job markets must learn to acknowledge this too. There’s no arguing that going to college and earning a degree comes with many rewards, both personal and financial. For students just graduating high school, college offers a huge opportunity

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Sexual Socialization Is A Gradual Developmental Process

Sexual socialization is a gradual developmental process that occurs throughout life. familial and social contexts influence and shape men’s sexual socialization. In July of 2015, Katherine R. Allen and Erin S. Lavender-Stott published their research article titled, Family Contexts of Informal Sex Education: Young Men’s Perceptions of First Sexual Images, published by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The authors examined young men’s recollection of their first reactions in which they realized that they were seeing an explicit sexual image for the first time, and how this affected their views of sexuality in the long term. The article further states that when it comes to discovering their sexuality, there is little†¦show more content†¦2) Social Theory Which social theory is being investigated? Which social theory emerged? II. LITERATURE REVIEW Prior to this study, the authors discuss previous research findings that led to them to perform the study. One of said previous research findings, â€Å"Gender and the meanings of adolescent romantic relationships: A focus on boys.† (Giordano, Longmore and Manning, 2006), is that traditional sexual scripts label girls as less sexual than boys, and in more need of protection and sexual guidance in learning about sex. Therefore, inadvertently labeling boys as being the exact opposite. They study how, within their own friends, boys emphasize competition and make fun of those who express feeling and other positive emotions for girls. Most boys connect feeling dominant with excitement. They are expected to not show feelings, and girls are expected to be very emotional. In another previous study â€Å"Too Much Too Soon? Children, â€Å"Sexualization† (Bragg, Buckingham, Russell Willet), they research young people s sexual cultures, more specifically, sexualized good. They conduct a study of how the products that retailers sell, prematurely sexualize children. They came to the conclusion that the sexualization of children is very common. Unfortunately, it is an old tradition to have children and young people be represented as objects for erotic contemplation by adults. They concluded that itShow MoreRelatedEssay on Adolescence - Learning and development. Not a bad essay written over night for a Monday hand in,surprised at the outcome will post the Bibliography when I find it3514 Words   |  15 Pagespeople consider that the onset of puberty, or the beginning of sexual maturity, as a sign of an individuals passage from middle childhood to adolescence. While the physical changes of puberty are an important indicator signalling adolescent development, many other kinds of changes also occur during the adolescent years; cognitive, self-concept, social / moral reasoning and the ability to think abstractly. Although this developmental period of life neednt be an uncommonly stressful time, adolescentsRead MoreThe Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children4542 Words   |  18 Pagesï » ¿Introduction Since doctors usually work in a surgery or hospital clinic, the diagnosis will be made following a process of history-taking and examining the child. Pediatricians see children as their patients and are therefore bound to come into contact with child sexual abuse. Some of these children may have symptoms and signs, and if they have not disclosed the abuse they depend on a doctor to initiate concern about it. Both doctors and children will benefit from medical practice that acceptsRead MoreCase Study Counseling Plan4198 Words   |  17 Pageslack of interest in sexual relations with her partner Amy. The purpose of this paper is to assess the sexual issues of this couple, analyze the dynamics of their relationship, develop a Multi-axial diagnostic impression and develop a counseling plan. In Section I, the paper will assess sexual issues involved in the selected case study. The integration of the sexual disorder with the sexual response cycle will be discussed. The paper will analyze and compare the sexual response cycle and theRead MoreFacebook Addiction2823 Words   |  12 Pagesassociated with activities like gambling, shopping and Internet addiction. According to Stutzman (2005), users use Facebook to learn about each other and to develop social networks with their friends at university which are so vital for their socialization, this procedure can mark a turning point in an addictive behavior and it makes user to wasting time more and more on Facebook. At this point it can be realized that university students remain a critical and unsafe position in terms of FacebookRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder6041 Words   |  25 Pagesmodels relate the cognitive problems with these patients with the changes in the brain structures that function in learning and memory. The first model is described as fear structure, whereby the brain of the affected individuals become programmed to process information associated with the threatening experience and subsequent physiological, physical and behavioral responses. Another information processing model is based on cognitive theory, with an assumption that the disorder progresses only if a personRead MoreInflence of Parental Monitoring on Adolescent Decision Making9466 Words   |  38 Pagestheir own. Having general decision-making skills might enable teenagers to protect themselves in many situations. By talking openly to teenagers about different aspects of relationships, by discussing the potential long-term implication of early sexual involvement, and by teaching adolescents to think critically about what they see and hear, parents can empower their teens to deal with challenges and adverse influences. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Adolescence is frequently described as a timeRead MoreResearch Awareness Essay examples5838 Words   |  24 Pagesmore relevant to my search requirements; article number 4 in appendix 2: ‘Adolescents Transition to Self-Management of a Chronic Genetic Disorder’ (2008) by Giarelli, E., Bernhardt, B.A., Mack, R. amp; Pyeritz, R.E, writes of the requirement of â€Å"gradual changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour influenced by parents, peers, and health care providers† in order for the successful transition to self-management of a disorder. Also article number 10: ‘Feasibility and impact of a school-based interventionRead MoreStreet Children17655 Words   |  71 Pagestake their place as productive adults diminish future. Socialization is processes where by people acquire personality and learn the way of life of their society generally identified as culture. People always are in the process of socialization and it starts first in family then by friends, neighbors, peers, school, media etc... In addition, generally the environment will take place in an individual’s development. These agents of socialization, particularly family, have an important place in children’sRead MoreIntro to Psychology: Chapter Notes 1- 54753 Words   |  20 Pages * make predictions LO2: What psychologists do (p. 5-6) * Research * pure Research * Applied Research * Practice * Teaching * Fields of Psychology * Clinical Counseling School Industrial Educational Developmental personality Health Forensic Social Environmental Experimental sport LO3: Where does psychology come from? (Germany) (p.7-10) Aristotle: Peri Psyches Democritus Socrates: introspection * Psychology as a lab science Read MoreChildren in Conflict to the Law12401 Words   |  50 Pagesthat are in conflict with the law. Major factors are breakdown of families, inadequate parental supervision, economic hardships, lack of recreational services, harsh corporal punishment on children, peer influence, inadequate educational system, sexual abuse and exploitation, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. Cited in Franciso Zulueta, Dolores Liwag â€Å"Social problems and Issues in the Philippines. There are also mechanism and programs to prevent these issues on the CICL. One of the programs is

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Music Is Innate Or Innate - 849 Words

July in the city of Toronto is a scorchingly hot month and the need to escape to a lake or forest is at the forefront of most individuals’ agendas. Only then are they content amidst thoughts of campfires and mosquitos. It is music to their ears. For permanent cottage country residents like myself summer brings months of ruined rhythms. My village hums as thousands of tourists ascend with the same need to escape. However, where does one go to find musical inspiration in chaos? And if one finds it, is it learned or innate? This essay will examine how we are conditioned to believe our ability to listen and perform music can only exist within certain parameteres; how Blacking’s hypothesis â€Å"music is innate†( ) applies to those untutored; and how both lured an entire village to love Indian Taco’s. Today’s children are expected to participate in a multitude of athletic, musical, social, technological, and academic activities that focus on winning ra ther than joy or experience. In negating the latter, we as a society have become accostumed to drawing an invisible parameter that eliminates the embrace of error or creativity (8). Albeit we would like to believe this is applicable to children alone, it is not. In 2011, the shores of Lake Huron were filled with competitive sports activities, yet the music camp was desolate. In my discussions with fellow musicians, the camp’s state was attributed to lack of musicians. Knowing funding was not an issue, interest was the culprit.Show MoreRelatedThe You Ever Had An Indian Taco?857 Words   |  4 Pagesmosquitos. It is music to their ears. For permanent cottage country residents like myself summer brings months of ruined rhythms. My village hums as thousands of tourists ascend with the same need to escape. However, where does one go to find musical inspiration in chaos? And if one finds it, is it learned or innate? This essay will examine how we are conditioned to believe our abi lity to listen and perform music can only exist within certain parameters; how Blacking’s hypothesis â€Å"music is innate†( ) appliesRead MoreHow Music Affects The Human Mind And Body Essay1291 Words   |  6 PagesMusic is a form of art in which sound is used a tool for expression. Whether it be listening to â€Å"metal† to release pent up anger or listen to jazz to feed your calm and groovy soul, music’s ability to allow expression is powerful. But, one might ask, â€Å"Why do we have reactions to music and why do certain genres have different effects?† The music we enjoy is the product of the combination of the innate characteristics that reside in all humans and the environmental influence one experiences with ageRead MorePlato, Locke, And The Question Of Innate Ideas1829 Words   |  7 PagesPlato, Locke and the Question of Innate Ideas Plato and Locke have opposite opinions on the matter of innate ideas. Plato argues that the recognition of truth in reality is derived from the recollection of truth in the soul. A necessary part of Platos argument is that recollection of Truth depends upon the existence of an immortal soul. Locke, on the other hand, rejects Platos argument by stating that the recognition of truth is not dependent on recollection but is rather self-evidentRead MoreThe Music Of Rock And Roll Music847 Words   |  4 PagesHave you ever imagined what would our life look like if music never existed? Perhaps nothing changes or our life will fade and become depressed.That s why people need music and musician to color their lives. Among all types of musicians, the rock band musicians are the most avid music producers. Before the rise of Rock and Roll in the 1960s, the elderlies thought that Rock and Roll music was brutal and dirty. However, the younger generations found it attractive and pushed to a musicalRead MoreMusic Is The Most Popular Genres Of Music Essay1669 Words   |  7 PagesMusic has been found in every culture in present time, as well as in the past, dating back almost 55,000 years (citation), with roots in Africa. Music is one of the most basic art forms and is a way of life for many; a means of expression relative to emotions, culture, and one’s self. Music is all around us and it’s hard to imagine going one day without listening to some variety of music. Music has evolved tremendously from prehistoric times today, but one thing’s stayed the same – one culture’sRead MoreMusic Is Important For All Of Us Essay1495 Words   |  6 PagesMusic plays an important role in our daily lives of much more people than in the past. There are so many aspects why music is important for all of us. For example, it could [bring people together in terms of choir. As Nicholas Cook encourages, â€Å"In today’s wor ld, deciding what music to listen to is a significant part of deciding and announcing to people not just who you ‘want to be’†¦ but who you are. ‘Music’ is a very small word to encompass something that takes as many forms as there are culturalRead MoreMusic Is a Unique Expression of the Human Condition1750 Words   |  7 PagesMusic is a unique expression of the human condition Music is an extremely important part of human life and has been part of human life for thousands of years. Music can be linked with many different art forms such as art and language; these too are distinct expressions of humans. This particular expression has survived and outlived ancient languages and could possibly be older than any form of language we know. It also serves the same purpose as language, to convey meaning. Music is a way of bringingRead MoreThe Beauty Of The Beholder1198 Words   |  5 Pagesbeauty is an invisible truth, independent from its substance. However, in his prior examples, the answer is very much visible and obvious. Perhaps Socrates and Plato feel this way as a result of believing in innate ideas. To believe beauty exists objectively is to say the sole idea of beauty is innate, and can be perceived through the mind alone, without the senses. The physical senses have been known to deceive us in many different ways; such as a straw appearing bent when pla ced in water. How are weRead MoreHow Does Perceptual Skills Affect Children Become Part Of The Social World?1676 Words   |  7 Pagespart of the social world. Perceptual skills are rapidly learnt by the infant through human contact and tuning into the environment around them; infants use their senses to grasp a basic understanding of their surroundings. All infants are born with innate reflexes; that help them engage with and become part of the social world these include; sucking, grasping, and looking (Leman, Bremner, Parke Gauvain, 2012). Bowlby (1958, as cited in Meins, 2003) described how an infants instinctual â€Å"behavioursRead MoreWhy Are Learning A Second Language?945 Words   |  4 Pagesbehave. In high school when I took Spanish my teacher’s incentive for our class she had each of her classes compete against each other to see who will get the highest class average. The winner would receive a party with authentic Spanish food and music. I am volunteering at a second grade classroom at an elementary school. I have noticed that the teacher I am volunteering with has used behaviorism in her class when they are behaving poorly. at the school they have a money system where every time

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Stable Equilibrium Condition Level

Question: Discuss about the Stable Equilibrium Condition Level. Answer: Introduction Typically, a stable economic equilibrium occurs at an output level in which the aggregate demand curve for goods and services intersects with both the long run and short run aggregate supply curve. Mainly, this is due to the fact that the point of intersection between the three curves represents the optimal level of output and price in the economy. As such, the optimal point denotes the level of full employment equilibrium. Notably, the level of growth and the prevailing employment rate is at the target level. In addition, there are no fluctuations in the economy that may create pressure to increase the price level or change the level of output being produced within the economy. For this reason, the economy remains at stable equilibrium at the point where the LRAS, the aggregate demand curve, and the SRAS all intersect. A stable economic equilibrium necessitates that all factors in the economy are stable and the economy is operating at an output level that allows full employment equilibrium. At this point, the level of inflation, as well as the level of unemployment, must be maintained at minimal levels. Additionally, the economy must be operating at long term equilibrium where there are no pressures in the economy to change prices or the level of output. Furthermore, the output produced must be equal to the potential level output (Macroeconomic Phenomena, n.d.). By and large, the aggregate demand curve graphically represents the connection between the prices and the amount of real output demanded by the government, firms, and households, ceteris paribus. It also caters for the net exports (Aggregate Demand, n.d.). Likewise, the SRAS depicts the connection between price level and the amount of real GDP supplied over the short term. On the other hand, the LRAS curve illustrates the connection between the prices in the economy and the real GDP quantity supplied in the long term. Essentially, the LRAS depicts that over the long term period, the rise in price levels do not affect the level of real GDP in the economy (Mayer, 2016). It is important to note that in the short run, the level of real GDP attained may either be above or below the potential GDP that can be achieved by the countrys economy. However, in the long run, macroeconomic equilibrium is achieved. At this point, the level of real GDP obtained in the economy equals the potential level of GDP in the country. Particularly, this is attributed to the fact that as the amount of output moves towards the potential real GDP, the level of unemployment is also reduced and moves towards the natural level of employment in the long term. Short-Run Equilibrium Normally, the short-run equilibrium output is either less than or more than the potential output level of the economy. In this case, the economy is unstable, and the level of prices and output keep fluctuating in a bid to establish temporary equilibrium. Basically, when the output level is below the long term equilibrium, a deflationary pressure arises. Mainly, this is because there is a downward pressure exerted on the prices, forcing them to fall. Consequently, this brings about a recessionary gap in the economy. For as long as the recession exists, the economy remains unstable as prices and real GDP fluctuate until an equilibrium is achieved in the long run. On the other hand, when the attained output is greater than the potential output, inflationary pressure may arise. Particularly, this occurs because there is a gap between the achieved real GDP and the potential output of the economy creating instability in the economy. Thus, the economy remains unstable in the short run until a long term equilibrium is obtained at the point where the aggregate demand curve, LRAS, and SRAS all meet. Fundamentally, this concept is best explained using the neo-classical school of thought. In this model, the LRAS curve shows the level of output that can be obtained within a given economy over the long term period (Mayer, 2015). The long run equilibrium is attained at the point where all the three curves intersect. At this optimal point, the economy is operating at full employment. Additionally, both the factor market and the goods market are believed to have cleared. What is more, the labor market is also cleared as all the available workers are employed at the prevailing market wage rate (Khan, n.d.). At the point of intersection, the economy is operating at the potential output level. However, the area to the left of the LRAS curve occurs when the economy is operating below the possible level. There is also a recessionary gap. Thus, there is additional room to increase performance levels to obtain more output. As a result, various economic forces work together to adjust prices, wages and output to bring the economy to a stable equilibrium. Similarly, the area to the right of the LRAS shows the economy is operating above the potential real GDP level (Michaillat Saez, 2013). In turn, this creates inflationary pressure. Prices, real wages, and output continue to increase. Conclusion Often, the government is forced to instigate expansionary fiscal and monetary policies during times of recession and contractionary policies during inflation to bring the economy to full employment level. Through this policies, the government is able to regulate the level of output in the economy and direct it towards long term equilibrium. By and large, the policies result in slowing or stimulating growth in the economy to move towards optimal levels. 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