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How did the United Staes policy in Iraq,Afghanistan and the Middle Essay

How did the United Staes policy in Iraq,Afghanistan and the Middle East, particularly during the Bush administration affect the U.S interest in Latin America after 2002 - Essay Example When George Bush took over power, he was among the people ready to fight against these criminal activities in Latin America. However, the US invasion in the Middle East led to its disengagement from Latin America. This is because a good number of Political bodies were against this move to Iraq. Their argument was that the already weak economy would further deteriorate since the US would intentionally increase gasoline prices. The US in its proclamation states that its key interests in other countries are in line with promoting democracy and peace. This includes eliminating oppressive governments in most of the Middle East countries while at times supporting the same oppressive regimes depending on how they agree with their economic interests. This support has led to controversies bringing the topic back at home. The Latin America’s budgets are in a vacuum just because the US wants to use such oppression to impose is policy reforms over Latin America (Youngers). By evading discussion like terrorism, it has become very easy for the US Southern Command to encourage most of the military operations in the internal affairs of most Latin American countries. The US has economic interests in the Middle East. It uses diplomatic missions, relief assistance to cover up its main agenda. This on the contrary displaces most Latin American nations who are the leading oil sources in the American region to compete effectively. While the US promises to support them in fighting issues like terror, it goes ahead to enter deals with terror related

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The Persuading Effects In Political Media Politics Essay

The Persuading Effects In Political Media Politics Essay The mass media in the Philippines, being the universal source of information, contributes a great influence on our thinking and behavior. This term paper will focus about the impact of media coverage on elections and how it persuades the electorates behavior. My purpose is to explore the effects of mass media on political power in the Philippines and to show how the media simultaneously disrupt and defends the status quo including the advantages and disadvantages during election campaigns. The first part of this paper will provide and support the ideas of how a fair election is measured in a democratic country. It will also focus on the medias substantial role on the voting behavior that will contribute towards a greater understanding of mass media in our country. The second part deals about the past situation of the media which concerns the different election frauds, corruption, and violence. I will also add an overview about the medias monopoly and commercialism. But among these, t he most favorable part is the emergence of the new media through the use of the introduced technology. I will also discuss how the different forms of media campaigning using various campaign strategies through TV ads, polls, debates and others can persuade the voters. Furthermore, this term paper will also argue about the effect of money on election results, whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage to the political candidate. Lastly, I hope to show that communication and persuasion works between the media and the public, that we and others can also influence the media. How to measure a fair election In a democratic country like the Philippines, where universal and equal suffrage is a must, the media plays a significant and substantial role for the development of the society. The media is responsible for ensuring free, fair and equal elections. To make a democratic form of government possible, essential conditions are required. For a country to be democratic, they must secure universal and equal suffrage. The political system must entail recognition of protection of civil liberties and rights. The freedom of speech from candidates and political parties must not be restricted. Enforceable laws must be implemented to prevent election fraud and vote tampering. It must be ensured that an electorates choice of party or candidate cannot be used against him or her by secret ballot voting. (, 2009) But in general term, it can be said that the people must be the highest form of society. The role of media before, during and after elections The fact that the media plays a great role in lives is well known, but its role as a political tool is also well rooted in the political systems. During times of elections, which are seen by many as the hallmarks of democratic political system, the media are expected to undertake very specific roles. It is a clichà ©, but media as the voice of the public, in the course especially of elections, must be able to inform, educate, enlighten and involve the electorate. Brandt, Hughes, and Rasmussen (2006), have discussed the major tools needed by the media in a fair report and coverage of the elections. They have to provide a platform and forum for controversial societal debates. The news media play the vital role in a democracy of providing the public information on which they can base their decisions on public issues. They have the duty to criticize undemocratic behavior of politicians, to educate the general public in respect of democracy, and to secure a fair and balanced coverage of elections. The watchdog function of the media is especially crucial during times of electoral campaigns and elections themselves. More importantly, the medias role is to scrutinize the candidates and parties and expose on the same issues and to give voters enough information to compare their positions. The media must report what the parties and candidates are saying, even if it does not reflect issues the people want to address (pp. 14-19). If the media coverage in the press and television is not free, fair and equal, the results may be prejudiced. Political discussions cannot be avoided in the print media, political stories are aired on television every day, commercial radio airs political news every hour, and paid political announcements are encountered in all media during campaigns. Candidates use of the media can have a strong impact upon those who make up their minds about candidates during the campaign. It is within human nature to believe what is told to us. We tend to believ e the media because research is done by them and they are a main source of information. The media remains important since they are the means by which people obtain current affairs both inside and outside of the Philippines however bias it may be. Overall, the media are always present with new stories on political activities. The new media The entrance of the modern era meant the advent of modern technology accessible to the public. For the first time in history, the Philippines embraced technology and transformed greatly the electoral system of the country during the May 2010 elections. The Philippine elections have frequently been marked by allegations of widespread cheating and other electoral malpractice. It was a subject to criticism since the security of the electoral process and its capacity to preserve the sanctity of the ballot and the will of the electorate was put to question. It has always been a manual process from voting to the canvassing of results with the local and national positions. Consequently, we have had hurdled so much because of the slow and tedious process. But due to the advanced technology available in the modern era, the Filipinos most awaited election was taken to another level. Generally, the automated election fulfilled the promise of speed but complaints and controversies remained (Meis burger, 2010). Many Filipinos until now were not sure whether the new process worked well enough to hold credible elections. Even automated election provided high security, there were still computer experts that bombarded the whole system or hacked the computers and manipulated the results. And I think that it is actually possible that cheaters came from the people who developed the system. Unfortunately and ironically, the press, despite of the intense focus on the new voting machines, failed to highlight critical problems during Election Day. But in my own opinion, the main problem we encountered during the May 2010 automated election was transparency. People were not able to see the actual process of counting the votes and several doubted if the results are really correct. Reporting on the first automated election also posed new challenges to the media. The press had to be alert to new kinds of problems as well as to keep the coverage on the day itself interesting. But it was obv ious from the first hours of coverage that the television networks were clearly prepared to resort to the magic of technology to keep audiences tuned in. The media is intensely influential in the present days systems of domination. Because the majority of the public does not in fact hear political speeches, witness activities, or observe actions of leaders, they depend on the media to exhibit the news in an accessible form. It becomes easy to comprehend how vital the media is, and what will be the effects of the news on the society whenever it is presented. Even a little change of news has the potentials to greatly influence public opinion ( Dirty Politics: Bias Media and Corrupt Candidates On the further side of the media, television has been with us for more than thirty years (Del Mundo, 1986, p. 10). By any standard, thirty years is long enough to develop a meaningful mass medium. Although in the past, the role of media is not as great as it is today. During an election, it was not surprising to see the media being harnessed to serve the politicians who held media power. Rocamora, for instance, concluded that Cheating is a well-developed art in Philippine elections. Local Politicians are adept at manipulating the process from beginning to end. (Rocamora, 1998, p. 23). So having no doubt, the media with its own weaknesses, would most likely practice bias electoral processes. Corruption in the media industry is a fact, and it is worst during elections. There is a general feeling about the political bias of the media that it is too negative. They place an importance on finding out what is wrong, but do not tell the complete picture about what is being done. There are in deed media networks that are owned by families who are biased in favor of certain candidates. We can see this prejudicial act most often when the media had begun to be very one-sided in terms of reporting the news. The media should be obligated to tell the truth and not manufacture or elaborate stories, even if it does not sound as good. It has and will continue to destroy the careers of some and make the careers of others. Even though most of the television news stations are owned by wealthy individuals, they should not be so biased. The media and the politicians only want us to see what a perfect world we live in, so they tend to hide the truth or work their way around it. But that is not always the case; sometimes desperate politicians are simply exaggerating when they condemn the alleged bias of the media. They tend to highlight the critical views reported by the media but they overlook the balanced presentation of facts in news reports. Another unjust intervention was experienc ed by the media during the Marcos era. Independence of the media has always been viewed with admiration everywhere in the world. But in 1972 to 1981, when martial law was declared during the regime of President Marcos, media monopoly started. Not just one agency was organized to do the job. Thus, the media suppression of the Marcos era restored the powerful and influential appetite of the public for news. But unfortunately, until now, the medias authority, security and freedom was not completely fulfilled (Del Mundo, 1986, pp. 77-89). Moreover, the recent Maguindanao massacre would be the worst example of election-related violence, wherein many members of the press and media was killed and abducted. Therefore, these malpractices and bad connotations simply imply the common term dirty politics which I think is not fair because politics must always be understood in a larger context. And talking about the status quo, generally it is the media that is bias and the politicians that are c orrupt. Defining a CAMPAIGN In the course especially of elections, we cannot exclude the fact of the emergence of inevitable frauds and intense violence. Every now and then, the media conclusively reports about the most compelling issues and irregularities related to elections, especially during the campaign period. A campaign is the period right before citizens make a real political choice. Campaign activity is more likely to register on voters minds as the Election Day draws near (Brady, Johnston Sides, 2004, p.2). According to Brandt, Hughes, and Rasmussen (2006): Most parties make their leader the centre of attention so voters who like the leader will vote for the partys candidates. So the partys election campaign is composed of speeches, party rallies and press conferences featuring the party leader. But the medias job is not just to repeat all the words spoken by the leaders. There should also be information in the news story about where the speech was given and how many people were there and what was the reaction of people in the streets, and what did political opponents say. Voters deserve to know so they can compare and decide for themselves. (Brandt, Hughes, and Rasmussen, 2006, p. 16). Ultimately, political ads and campaigns can affect who will win the election. As is true of other types of human relationships, first impressions can be very important as voters form their opinions about political candidates. Research on election decisions suggests that candidates use of the media can have a strong impact upon those who make up their minds about candidates during the campaign. They can affect what the voters know, whether they will vote, whom they will vote for and why they will vote for that person. In general, people already have their own ideas when they view television, read newspapers, or log on to websites. To a man, the campaign staffs of politicians agree that the three requisites for a successful campaign are: media, machinery and money. (Coronel, Chua, De Castro, 2004, p. 123) The media as a form of campaign strategy Television campaigns come from various forms. It can be a form of commercial, debates, speech, press conference, polls or interviews which are aired on local television news broadcasts, talk shows and even game shows. The television commercial, the most powerful form of advertising is the most interesting and most complex kind of political advertisement. It is the main way that modern campaigns communicate with voters. It can give you as the electorate an idea of how trustworthy candidates are, how they communicate or connect with the people, how they behave under stress, how they sell their program and what do they stand for. According to a study made by Coronel, Chua and De Castro (2004), The Arroyo and Lacson campaigns were most successful than the others in getting their spins across. This was because they had more sophisticated media strategies and handlers. They had a clearer idea of the message they wanted to project and made sure that this message was successfully conveyed th rough the media. (p. 21). Through TV ads, the audiences who are watching their favorite television programs will have a chance to meet the candidates and there is a possibility that they can recall them since they are shown in every commercial break. The advertiser will create another image of the candidate to make them appreciated and accepted by the target audience. The use of informal words, the inclusion of popular song and dance, the color, social issues, and the representation of peoples age, gender, profession and religion are very useful for the ads recall (Encabo, 2010, pp.11-12). In a survey conducted by Fonbuena. Rufo and Tabunda (2008), during the campaign period itself, respondents were asked to name political advertisements on television that they could recall. An ad was considered correctly recalled by a respondent if the respondent was able to identify the candidates in the advertisements that they recalled. Political ads are effective in converting voter awareness i nto actual votes for the candidates to the extent only that these ads incredibly project an image of the candidate as one who will effectively address the issues and concerns of the electorate. Studies show that commercials and debates aired right before Election Day have the most effect on undecided viewers (pp. 27-28). Voters who have already formed their opinions are hardly influenced by the media to the point of changing their minds. But as defined by House, Ludwig and Stratmann (2009), advertising need not to be truthful in deceptive campaigns. Both types of candidates engage in campaign advertising claiming that they are of high quality. Hence, they define advertising as deceptive when a low-quality candidate advertises that he is high-quality (p. 6). Opinion polls, on the other hand, are mostly used by political parties to discover what issues a representative sample of voters think is important. As defined by Lange (1999), voting intention polls indicate the popularity of political parties/candidates, show ratings, and suggest the outcome of elections. Parties will sometimes change their campaign promises because opinion polls reveal what will be more popular (pp. 49-50). People always say in polls, they do not like negative campaigns but voting records seem to indicate that they are affected or influenced by them. Opinion polls also influence voters because voters like to know what their neighbors are thinking and may decide to vote the same way. As such, poll results could increasingly frame the coverage of the election campaign. Exposure to polls may serve to increase a general interest in voting in the public, but there is little to demonstrate a change in voter intention, which is what we call bandwagon effect. Opinion poll s are only a brief sample of peoples opinions at the time they were asked. Polls cannot predict how opinions and votes will change if voters learn new information. Polls should not become the lead story everyday because they may influence voters to follow popular opinion rather than think for themselves. Lange (1999) observed that debates have advantages and disadvantages, but on balance seem positive. On the negative side, it has been argued that mandatory debates would circumscribe the candidates freedom to run campaigns as they wish that it is not always possible to have all party leaders participating and that debates tend to spotlight the party leaders too intensely. On the positive side, debates allow the candidates to face the public directly, they have been shown to heighten citizens interest in elections and their levels of information, they are a means of enabling the public to make a direct comparison of the candidates, and as such are a useful supplement to the normal news coverage (pp. 28-29). Aside from the old traditions of advertising, the innovative transformation of the society was considered as a milestone in the electoral system. I am not just talking about the May 2010 automated elections, but it is about how social media is changing the face of democracy through the use of different social networking sites in campaigning for a political party or candidate. Generally, traditional media and new media worked together for a more comprehensive coverage of the 2010 Philippine Elections. Rafter (2009) for example, stated that, the internet has assumed an increasingly important role in political communications and has provided new ways of communicating political messages with the public. Traditional concerns about television and radio political advertising are equally applicable to the Internet but there is no debate about regulating political content on the web (p.29). TV news stations also marked a milestone in media history when they reported election updates in real t ime using the new media. They even used the Facebook and Twitter to post news updates and reports about the election. Most of the Social Media websites which have had a major worldwide impact on Internet usage and thus perceived international impact, like YouTube, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, Google, Wikipedia, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter (eGovernment-Symposium, 2009, p. 7). As predicted by some experts and scholars, it is probably only a matter of time before everyone will be able to vote over the Internet. Still, for those who create and air ads, the bottom line is the bottom line. The intended effect of political advertising or paid media is to win political battles by creating and delivering biased messages. Informing and engaging the public outside of ones supporters, when and if it occurs, is a by-product or secondary effect of the effort to win political battles. Does money wins elections? But the most intriguing factor that affects the decision of the electorate is the presence of money. Rocamora (1998), observe that for a candidate to win Philippine elections, they have to spend three times: once to get nominated, second to garner votes, third to get his votes counted, added to, and those of his opponents subtracted (p. 27). According to political scientist Ciyde Wilcox, money matters most when the candidates are least known to the voters, when they do not receive a lot of news coverage, and when paid advertising, which, of course, is expensive, can bring recognition and enhance images (Wayne, 1992, p.52). As I have said, the ads play a big role in the entire campaign. The earlier the ad is aired, the earlier the candidates rating goes up and the earlier the candidate can shift to conversion. Indeed, this means paying a longer period for advertisement slots. The cost of political campaign is rising and rising fast. The use of other modern technology has also increase d expenditures. One 30-second ad can cost a candidate from P34,000 to P243,000, depending on the station and the time slot. These costs are already slashed by 30 percent, the legally mandated discount for candidates (Fonbuena, Rufo, Tabunda, 2008, p. 61). But because of factors such as popularity and acceptability, campaign budgets may still vary from candidate to candidate. If a candidate is already popular, a lesser amount can be allocated for election paraphernalia. The amount a candidate spends will largely depend on the style of his/her political strategies. Literally speaking, before a sensible person joins a political fray, he/she should check his/her wallet first. Elections are indeed expensive affairs. Radio and television appearance, newspaper advertising, travel for the candidate, mailings of campaign materials, maintaining a network of campaign offices, taking polls, and raising money itself all cost a great deal of money. The notion that the side with more money has a better chance of winning is very common. Lack of budget for the campaign can be solved through public and private funding. The ability to raise money is not only a matter of wealth but also of being able to attract funds from others. Way before the campaign period, funds can already be raised. It is obviously important for a financially challenged candidate to seek and accept whatever material support they can find. Sponsored activities like a ball, a concert, a movie premier, T-shirt sales, and bazaars can be organized. But most campaign donations would not come in until a candidates showing becomes strong during the campaign period. Their contributions serve as insurance money, an investment they hope to draw from in the future. Another source, though largely unreported for obvious reasons, would be gambling and smuggling operations that seek the protection of the politicians. According to Co, Lao, Sayo and Tigno (2005), potential candidates who do not have the financial resources and backing to undertake a campaign have a little chance of winning (p.98). But apparently, I beg to disagree that financial outlays can guarantee victory in elections. Although the money spent might still serve as a good index to electoral strength, the candidates and parties with the most money did not always win. Money however is only one factor. And even when relatively honest people do win, they have to spend so much money to campaign that they invariably become corrupt in order to recover their expenses or to return the favor of financial backers. Wayne (1992) stated that, theoretically, campaign spending should have a greater impact on the nomination process than on the general election, and on the beginning of the process than at the end (p. 51). Whether or not money determines campaign victors, it exerts an enormous influence on elections. Heard (1960), notes that the ef fect of money in politics is probably more certain in determining who the candidates will be than in determining the outcome of the elections. Although the main goal of those who sponsor political advertising is to win elections, advertising can also in ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å¡uence what citizens know about candidates and public policy and how engaged citizens are in their own governance. And, as discussed above, in in ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å¡uencing what voters know, ads can in ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å¡uence whom voter choose (Goldenstein, Ridout, 2004, p. 211). The impact of media on the electoral system The overwhelming power of the mass media is something that we accept as fact. We are dependent on media for information. Media have become our connection to the real world. Indeed, there have been a lot of contributions media has made in politics, particularly during elections. The availability of media coverage during elections from the nomination period to the canvassing of votes, keeps the public informed of all the crucial events that occur during the elections. In the present times, it has gained a greater importance than how it was in the past. Filipinos much more now than ever in the past, rely on the mass media in deciding whom to vote and which issues are important. There is a hunger for information and citizens are much more attentive to media reports during elections than in other times. It has thus gained more influence over the voting behavior of the electorate and greater power in altering the opinions of the people. During campaigns, bad publicity can mean almost certa in death to a promising political career to a politician. No matter what good things a person has done in the past, if the media decides to publish the bad, their chances are blown. Population as a whole also recognizes the large role the media plays in their lives. They are well aware that the press plays the most dominant role in determining which issues and events are considered significant (Brandt, Hughes, Rasmussen, 2006, pp. 15-17). Conclusion The medias role in politics is even more significant. They help shape the political culture, and have the power to make a candidate appealing or repulsive. The media can also lead the general public to misunderstand the actions of one particular political group, and as a result, other political parties have to face a difficult political situation. Encabo (2010) concluded that politicians and advertisement producers believe that advertising allows candidates to reach even the uninterested and unmotivated citizens like those who are not paying attention in news reports, debates, and other campaign event (p.20). The media is primarily needed to fix itself to reporting on politics, not shaping it. The media should not have the bias of the nation, but should offer information to allow ideas to form liberally and independently. The nature of the impact of the media coverage is perhaps most dramatically evident in peoples awareness of the candidates and the consequences for how they vote. I n the coverage of elections, media fulfills different roles. This includes informing, enlightening, and educating the electorate, providing a platform and forum for controversial social debates, forming public opinion, and serving as a watchdog on the side of the citizens. Among these roles, the duty of informing the electorate is the primary and the other roles are only ancillary and fall under this primary role. The media has also the ability of affecting the behavior and decision making of the electorate. Many factors are to consider in determining the voting behavior of the electorate; and though there is no certainty on the extent that media affects the decision making process of the electorate, media is one of the few things that can count heavily on affecting and changing the opinions and decisions of the electorate. Apart from persuading the electorate, the media can also persuade the political candidates. The media influence the decision and actions of politicians and offic ials, change their priorities and can reduce their ability to control events. Another thing to consider in the influence of media in elections is the campaign financing that is required of candidates in order to afford the media resources necessary for advancing the campaign. The costs on campaign financing have escalated primarily due to the fact that it is expensive to employ media resources. However, though it is expensive, but because it is believed to be the most effective medium of campaigning, it is the least likely expense in campaign financing to be cut. The high costs of campaign financing pose problems for less affluent candidates. It is a disadvantage for the poor candidate who does not have the necessary resources necessary to run a campaign which will be able to employ media as one of its medium of advertisement. Because of this, the integrity of the electoral system of a democratic nation such as the Philippines becomes flawed. People, based on democratic theory, shou ld have equal opportunity to run for office regardless of economic status. But because of the high costs imposed by media on running a campaign, this is hardly true. There is therefore a need for the strict implementation of campaign finance laws during elections so as not to put an advantage on the wealthy and a disadvantage on the less affluent candidates. The media plays a crucial role in the realization of this goal. Through these insights, it is therefore true that media persuasion does not only work between the media and the public, but logically speaking, we and others can also influence the media. Both positively and negatively, the mass media contributes a great factor in affecting the decisions of the electorate because it exercises a powerful role in the electoral processes by informing and educating the public. Bibliography (books and e-books): Brady, H.E., Johnston, R., Sides, J. (2006). The Study of Political Campaigns. United States: The University of Michigan Press. Brandt, T., Hughes, T. Rasmussen F. (2006). Coaching Manual for Media Support during Elections. Denmark: International Media Support. Co, E.E.A., Lao, M.E.J., Sayo, M.A., Tigno, J.V. (2005). Philippine Democracy Assessment. Manila: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). Coronel, S.S., Chua, Y.T., De Castro I. (2004). Cockfight, horserace, boxing match (why elections are covered as sport): lessons learned from the 2004 campaign coverage. Quezon City : Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. Del Mundo C. (1986). Philippine Mass Media: A Book of Readings. Philippines: Communication Foundation for Asia. eGovernment-Symposium (2009). E-Society and E-Democracy. Berne, Switzerland: Amazee ( and IDHEAP ( Encabo, E.A. (2010). The Filipino Language and Culture in Political Advertisement. San Diego State University: Language Acquisition Resource Center. Fonbuena, C., Rufo, A., Tabunda, A.M.L. (2008). Selling Candidates: Political Ads in the 2007 Senatorial Elections. Quezon City: Public trust Media Group Inc. Goldstein, K., Ridout, T.N. (2004). Measuring the Effects of Televised Political Advertising in the United States. Washington: Houser, D., Ludwig, S., Stratmann, T. (2009). Does deceptive advertising reduce political participation? Theory and evidence. Washington: George Mason University, Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science. Hufilena, C.F. (2006). How to Win an Election. Quezon City: Ateneo School of Government Center for Social Policy. Lange, B.P. Ward, D. (2004). The Media and Elections: A Handbook and Comparative Study. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Lange, Y. (1999). Media and Elections. Europe: Council of Europe Publishing. Meisburger, T. (2010). Will Automated Elections in the Philippines Increase Public Confidence?. Asia: The Asia Foundation. Rafter, K. (2009). Political Advertising: The Regulatory Position and the Public View. Ireland: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Media Research Scheme. Rocamora, J. (1998). Philippine Political Parties, Electoral System and Political Reform. Quezon City: Philippines International Review. Wayne, S.J. (1992). The Road to the White House: The Politics of Presidential Elections. New York: St. Martins Press Internet sources: Retrieved February 25, 2011, 01:53 am. Retrieved February 25, 2011, 02:33 am.

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American reporter said to be ?OK? :: essays research papers

it sucksPOLICE IN Karachi told NBC News that Saeed’s arrest was a â€Å"major breakthrough† and that he disclosed Pearl was still alive during an initial interrogation. Separately, Jamil Yousuf, head of a citizen-police liaison committee, quoted Saeed as saying of Pearl, â€Å"He’s alive. He’s OK.† However, NBC’s Robert Windrem reported that while the United States believes Saeed â€Å"played a central role in the kidnapping,† officials are not sure whether he knows the whereabouts of the reporter. Saeed, a British-born Islamic militant, was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the eastern city of Lahore and sent to Karachi for questioning, ministry secretary Tasneem Noorani told The Associated Press. Saeed’s arrest was announced one day before Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is to meet President Bush in Washington. The kidnapping embarrassed the Musharraf government, which is seeking U.S. aid as it attempts to combat Muslim extremism in this predominantly Islamic country of 147 million people. Relations between the United States and Pakistan have warmed up significantly since the Islamabad government agreed to support the U.S. war on terrorism in Afghanistan, where Pakistan had been a staunch supporter of the hard-line Taliban regime. Advertisement RELEASED AFTER HIJACKING Saeed, a 27-year-old British born Islamic militant, was freed from an Indian jail in December 1999 in exchange for passengers of an Indian Airlines jet which was hijacked on a domestic flight to Kandahar, Afghanistan. The son of a clothes merchant from Wanstead in east London, Saeed studied at the London School of Economics. Lonnie Kelley, spokesman for the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, said they had no word on Pearl’s fate and were trying to confirm that Saeed has been arrested. â€Å"We are looking into it, but nothing on Daniel yet,† he said. Steve Goldstein, a vice president and spokesman for Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal’s parent company, declined to comment on whether the arrest revealed new information about Pearl’s abduction. â€Å"We continue to remain hopeful,† Goldstein said in a telephone interview. He also declined to comment on specifics of the case. NOT A CAR CHASE A team of police officers from the southern province of Sindh had been in Lahore searching for Saeed for the last few days, the government-run news agency Associated Press of Pakistan reported Tuesday. Police did not reveal the circumstances of Omar’s arrest, but said they had been rounding up his associates and raiding their houses in recent days.

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Economic And Social Aspects Of Sustainable Buildings Environmental Sciences Essay

Society, environment and economic system are the major three dimensions to prolong the quality of justness, instruction, diversion and engagement by the community and in short to ease the life of an person. The UK has adapted new designs for bettering the qualities of edifices and is seeking to play back the response from the UK authorities and the stakeholders are later, puting in new undertakings in other states excessively. Following these stairss, solve many jobs and construct new rules of lodging policies for authorities. Homes and communities website provinces that those places are sustainable which low-cost and practical designs are. These places create an environment which attracts people to populate in and bask life and work. These designs should be environment-friendly and should non harm the planet by C emanation and increasing waste. It is the statutory responsibility of HCA to work to prolong and lend towards keeping and bettering the qualities and designs of the places in such a manner that we may put and enable it to be feasible. Our visions should be clear and be as: Local work: invest in designs and procedures which are effectual and aid and back up the five stairss which we and our spouses have adapted to prolong development ( procurement/ visioning/ integrated construction/design/legacy ) . This can enable them to better quality of life and present low-cost places with best quality for bing and future communities. Make the pick of the bureaus who are presenting the work of your local governments, be their spouses and assist them raise their aspiration about sustainable developments. Take the thoughts and sentiments of the local communities, so that it is known that in which environment they want to populate in. The monetary value of sustainable lodging should be low-cost in both long term and short term degree bring forthing the best quality. To run into today ‘s demand without seting a sedate consequence on hereafter ‘s feasible solutions, has ever been a critical of import point in sustainability. Its application is slow and has been an issue for many old ages. The major focal point of the undertakings is to hold immense ultra-green lodging whose reproduction is rather hard. A true sustainable undertaking should be one which discusses and considers all economic, environmental and societal issues and besides in the bounds of affordability. No via medias can be made in such undertakings, and may besides consequence have to be applied to such aggregate undertakings of edifices. This has the biggest impact on the environment. It is a mass demand of the UK to hold new edifices with new designs and besides to upgrade the old 1s. They should hold a proper program which considers all following long term pros and cons and impacts on the future undertakings in the associated environment. The cardinal precedence of every authorities in this quickly altering environment into a fast urbanizing universe is to supply the universe with low-cost and equal lodging services. The pressing issues like urban divide, bars from slums, human and economic development, and climatic alteration are though, to be kept in head. Now lodging is non merely a roof on an person ‘s caput but a new envisaged thought as sustainable development has been introduced and has started pitching its prominence in developing states excessively. In these states, the aspects are non though discussed in their incorporate policies. Pro-poor lodging plans are besides introduced, which do non concentrate on the precedences of the occupants, or are in locations which are distant and besides have hapless criterions with little support schemes. An impact is put on the environment and a footmark of C is besides amplified and this creative activity is in rapid lodging societies. Though in developing metropoli ss a nice manner is adapted and the authorities is still taking this measure as a load to society. Key considerations and constructs have to be adopted that outline the underpinning thoughts and provides a model comprehensive plenty to plan sustainable lodging plans and policies to supply with actions which are practical excessively. These policies should cover with these subjects like civilization, societal justness, affordability, and impacts on the economic system and do the life of occupants ; vicinities and healthy metropoliss. These solutions can so cut down many jobs related to urbanisation and besides the growing of these metropoliss with the decreasing services of energy in these countries. Inclusive, participatory, and well-designed lodging plans and policies offer a batch to the improved economic system ( Oleg Golubchikov and Anna Badyina ) . In planning, planing, edifice, restituting and keeping places, lodging development with sustainable and smart programs is a good pattern. This makes them prolong economic system, environment and societal. The demand of the houses as listed by the people, defines the aims of the designs of the development. These shows the demands of the people every bit good as their thoughts which can increase the life of lodging, lessening cost, and besides cut down societal and environmental impacts. This is the purpose at private sector to maintain the supply changeless. This besides provides a leading to the building industry and lodging designs for residential countries. For a sustainable lodging these factors should be the portion of the program as the freedom of motion of the resident, safety and security have a less cost ( i.e. low-cost ) and less a usage of resources which are completing in today ‘s universe like H2O and electricity ( energy ) . This topographic point can so run into the demands of the household and is categorized as smart lodging for all phases of an person ‘s life ( Queensland section of public plants ) . Literature Review Assorted related diaries, studies, publications and text editions have been used to garner the literature reappraisal. Many constructs and theories have been discussed in this subdivision which revolves around the life and work patterns and relates to past surveies. Sustainable Housing The quality of life is perceived to be high when an estate has a lodging system with perfect single houses and so this direction secures the position of an urban country, including occupations and instruction. This is a responsibility that probationary institute serves society with nice lodging systems. A lodging which has no offense and uses less energy than other systems is meant by this. In the countries like personal well being, dependance and societal coherence, sustainable lodging and nice lodging are indispensable. Architecture is besides an of import portion and professions ; particularly RIBA has been making an consequence of arousing people to accommodate this construct. Housing is an kernel of economic and cultural strength as it fortifies societies, as it raises the society and restrains it from others. However, in this century lodging is considered to be best and atrocious at the same clip due to the businesss of the UK occupants. Therefore, there is a lack of earnestness towards keeping the lodging of unsloped value. In 1998, the authorities takes enterprises to supply the significance of development of society, with some chances in its support. In this respect, the developers and designers and other residents have to pay attending to these chances when their lodging is traveling through tensed state of affairss ( Brian Edward and David Trent 2000 ) . An designer has to plan the edifices to prolong the societies but they need to analyze that bearable societies can non easy construct up while there are other parts which should be considered like landscape design, route layout and lodging type. It has been discussed earlier that lodging is an mutuality factor and can impact any person because it helps in edifice society, environment and the economic system. In malice of this, assorted little or big corporations and authoritiess are seeking their best to work out the un-maintainable occurrences taking topographic point in the lodging of the people. A sustainable development of society is non cut downing this jeopardy and the moralities of sustainable development play a polar function in taking to do an distinction lodging ( Lee Ann Nicol, 2013 ) . Required Elementss to guarantee that more new Housing is built in Urban Land Some significant actions should be taken to better the sustainable lodging development on the metropolitan countries for the advancement of the metropolis and the democracy planning system. The investings for the development could be improved by the site acquisition ; decontamination and the substructure of the proviso were sold. The development of these investings has been increased by the rise in the English partnership hard currency investings in the field sites. To decrease the societal polarization, there must be an addition in investing for supplying rents for better quality lodging in both urban and suburban countries, and the authorities should fight to promote the reclamation of the well-known metropoliss and cities. For the auxiliary investing in the demanding urban countries, there is a deficiency of proper planning of the schemes and there is an absence of the incentives for the developers of the market ( EDWA, 1997 ) . It is rather impossible that without these incentives there could be an addition of the lodging in the metropolitan countries. Environmental Sustainability For the suited direction of the lodging, there should be a proper environmental public presentation in the residential countries by concentrating on the wellness impact, human comfort and the environment of the lodging country ( Oleg Golubchikov and Anna Badyina ) . There is an huge demand for the treatment of the environmental issues and many actions are handled by the consciousness of the populace about the environment. Therefore the authorities can play a major function by cognizant the general public sing the environmental issues and can do determinations consequently, and it can be analysed by scientifically understanding the climatic alterations ( Syed Rahman, 2010 ) . Assorted sustainability indexs can be affected by the alterations in the public presentation. To convey some impacts and alterations on the sustainability in the system, there are some semi-quantitative indexs which provide counsel for the sustainable development ( Noam Bergman, Lorraine Whitmarsh and Jonathan Kohler, 2008 ) .Economic and Social Aspects of Sustainable BuildingsThe sustainable development in the society can do a utile influence on the society and the economic system and therefore the market processes can be used efficaciously to analyze the current and future demands of the society into the criterion and drawn-out footings. Furthermore, market processes regulate the sustainable edifice of the economic system and if it is run intoing the demands of the society so it is taking towards the paid development. For the new development of the society, there is a demand to construct superior flexibleness in the close hereafter. However, the most sustainable usage of the edifice design would be to widen the business from criterion to an extended scope. However, it brings the guess that development can be attained in the society by maintaining the monetary values high, whereas the fewer monetary values of the units can besides lend in the development merely as higher monetary values. For a diverse concern and income groups, we can construct at diverse monetary values and supply a diverse scope of rents for the family. Therefore, diverse sizes of the units can be used for little and big concerns and families ( Yvonne Rydin, 2010 ) .Research Strategy/TechniquesResearch SchemeIn a concrete scheme of a research, the ends, intents, purposes, beginnings of roll uping the information and the inquiries for the research should be mentioned ; nevertheless, some schemes of research besides include the research studies, instance surveies, interviews and the observations. Whereas, instance survey plays a polar function for the research worker examine and research the complete image of the undertaking and can tie in it with its aims. It helps the research worker to put the subject of a research and so analyze the inquiries of research in an organized mode and can analyze the information to do a decision.Research TechniquesThere are three diverse types of interviews to carry on interviews to roll up information such as structured interviews, semi-structured interviews and unstructured interviews ( Saunders et al, 2007 ) . There are two widely used techniques to carry on the research ; the present survey is a combination of both manners of research such as the quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative research studies are conducted by the questionnaires to garner mensurable informations, whereas the qualitative manner of research is conducted with the aid of experimental attacks and by carry oning interviews to garner qualitative informations.InterviewsRecognition of the importance of interviews has become widespread in the 2nd half of the 20th century and it appears to be on a rise. With the debut of depth psychology, a alteration of the basic interview technique, it has become more favorable to derive personal information that otherwise might be hard to acquire. It is non unexpected to see its celebrity in research methods in the Fieldss of societal and direction scientific disciplines. The type of interview adopted differs harmonizing to the research methodological analysis that whether it will be conducted face to face or by telephone or via electronic mail.Roll uping DatasThe research application and the values attached to it are based on the ways to garnering information which may possibly be from analyzing books, diaries, magazines, articles and web beginnings. It besides aids in the analysis for replies to research inquiries.Approach to AnalysisIt is necessary to hold some cognition about the particular topic about which the research is to be conducted. This would differ harmonizing to the subject and country research nevertheless ; it will organize the foundation of the survey subsequently on. Interviews and the countries of instance surveies add to the healthy influence of the research. A batch of information demands to be gathered along with observations and a elaborate survey of the assembled paperss to be able to measure and carry on the research decently and in an speckless mode.Research Ethical motivesThis research pursues all ethical concerns during the survey because moralss involved in any research are of high significance at any degree. Research ethics normally involve lawful methods that make certain that the persons ‘ feelings are non harmed nor they are compelled to react. The information gathered is purely used for academic intents and it is unbroken private and confidential and members are permitted to draw out from any question ( Saunders et Al, 2007 ) .

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Teen Pregnancy in the United States Essay - 2801 Words

â€Å"Each year in the U.S. almost one million teenagers become pregnant--at enormous costs to themselves, their children, and society†. (Pregnant Teen Help, Teen Pregnancy Statistics) Some would argue that teen pregnancy is all glorified. Other individuals would protest that it is too influential. Teen pregnancy is a rising social problem in the United States and among other countries. Teen pregnancy is now being publicized as multi media corporations, with shows such as â€Å"16 Pregnant†, â€Å"Teen Mom†, â€Å"Maury†, â€Å"Secret Life of the American Teenager†, and â€Å"Juno†. All of which concentrate on teen pregnancy. These shows or movies could be informational for young people. However, the shows display an altered reality that teen pregnancy is easy,†¦show more content†¦Teen pregnancy is becoming more popular in the media and from a political, and educational standpoint; an underlying social problem that is now making i tself known. In addition to the previous statement, the more media attention this problem receives the stronger the message sends to the young women that teenage pregnancy can be an acceptable way of life. Movies, TV shows, magazines, and music forces sex into the media but never gives light to the consequences to the actions, and the outcomes. They do not take into consideration the statistics, or the facts. Instead of looking at the reality of the situation at hand young females are seeing the overvalued media version of what it is like to be a young mother. Society takes brilliant ideas that are informative, and helpful for teens and twists the intended purpose to show that â€Å"yes, it is ok to be â€Å"16 and pregnant†Ã¢â‚¬ . Our society is saying to these young women that it is ok to blow past your youth years and to rush into adult hood. It is accepted to have a child while still being a child yourself. This is not a trend, it is not a myth. These are broken down from facts that the media is sending out to these young daughters. Simultaneously, there are facts and organizations that have dedicated their time and effort for teen girls. They are there to make a difference. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention they stated that it is estimated that more than 400,000 teen girls, agedShow MoreRelatedTeen Pregnancy And The United States1414 Words   |  6 PagesTeen Parenting in the United States Raising a child as an adult can be very demanding at times, but can you imagine how difficult it would be to raise a baby as a teen, when you are still a child yourself? Although the teen birth rate in the United States has been on a decline for the past decade, teen pregnancy is still a significant issue affecting many people (Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing). Teen pregnancy has been considered morally and ethically wrong in the United States for centuries (Sprague)Read MoreTeen Pregnancy in the United States1201 Words   |  5 PagesTeen pregnancy is more prevalent in the United States, than one would think. Even though the number of pregnancies has lowered, there are still an estimated 31pregnancies per 1000 teens. Unfortunately, there are immense consequences from teen pregnancy. These occurrences are due to many circumstances that can be changed, such as, more education, peer pressure, and today’s culture. However, there are ways to prevent all this from happening; usin g contraception, being aware, or even abstaining fromRead MoreTeen Pregnancy And The United States2027 Words   |  9 Pagesaddressed is teen pregnancy rates in the United States. We can measure this problem by giving statistics on teen pregnancy related information and by describing the magnitude of the problem. Teen pregnancy exists everywhere in the world but the main focus of this policy memo is going to be that of the United States. Define and Analyze the Problem affected individuals. Teen mothers, their babies, the father, parents of the teen mother and father, and everyone in the United States to be exactRead MoreTeen Pregnancy : The United States1939 Words   |  8 PagesTEEN PREGNANCY Section One: â€Å"Why?† The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the western industrialized world. Teen pregnancy costs the United States at least $7 billion annually. Family First Aid has stated that â€Å"thirty-four percent of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 — about 820,000 a year. Eight in ten of these teen pregnancies are unintended and 79 percent are to unmarried teens.† You may ask why so many teens are pregnantRead MoreTeen Pregnancy And Its Effects On The United States1667 Words   |  7 PagesEach year around 90,000 adolescents become pregnant in the United States. Around 51% of adolescents pregnancies end in live births, 35% end up in induced abortions, and 14% result in miscarriage or stillbirth (Frick, 2007). Historically, the highest teen pregnancy rates in the United States were during the 1950’s and 1960’s before the legalization of abortion and the development of many the current forms of contraception(Frick, 2007). Rates enlarged steadily until 1991; since then, the birth rateRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Costs The United States1577 Words   |  7 Pages Section One: â€Å"Why?† The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the western industrialized world. Teen pregnancy costs the United States at least $7 billion annually. Family First Aid has stated that â€Å"thirty-four percent of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 — about 820,000 a year. Eight in ten of these teen pregnancies are unintended and 79 percent are to unmarried teens.† You may ask why so many teens are pregnant. It may be becauseRead MoreThe Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On The United States2305 Words   |  10 PagesTeen Pregnancy and the Link to Poverty in the U.S. with A Focus on Western Ma Especially Holyoke and Springfield Mass In the 1950s, the frequency of teenage births in the United States was already high, and since that, time has decreased, although the number of births outside marriage has increased. Thus, in 1990 the rate was 61.8 births, pregnancy rate - 116.9 per 1,000. The incidence of teenage pregnancy has decreased significantly in the 1990s. This decline is observed in all racial groups, butRead MoreTeen Pregnancy in the United States Essays3049 Words   |  13 PagesTeen Pregnancy in the United States Introduction Teen pregnancy falls into the category of pregnancies in girls age 19 or younger (NIH). Although statistics have shown a decrease, the number of teen pregnancy in the U.S. is still relatively high compared to the rest of the world. Sexual health is one of the top priorities in early adolescence health in the United States. Consequences of having sex at a young age generally results in unsafe sex practices. The consequences can be due to the lackRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Effects On The United States1922 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Adolescent pregnancy is a widely researched and debated topic in psychology. Teen pregnancy rates in the United States have dropped significantly over the last two decades from 6.2% in 1990 to 2.7% in 2013, a 56% decrease, for women aged 15-19. Despite the sharp decline, concerns about the consequences of adolescent childbearing have not decreased. While evidence suggests that giving birth as a teenager is often associated with economic hardships, numerous researchers argue that theseRead MoreTeen Pregnancy is a Growing Problem in the United States1084 Words   |  4 Pageslocated in a tourist town on the northern Oregon coast, where according to the United States Census Bureau the median income as of 2012 was $24,201 (table 1).I remember in high school there was always a girl I knew who was pregnant, but it was not until recently when I noticed so many of my classmates and friends announcing due dates. According to Medline Plus, adolescent or teen pregnancy can be defined as â€Å"pregnancy in girls age 19 or younger† (para. 1). According to the CDC’s â€Å"Births: Final Data

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America’s Failing Public Schools Charter Schools Are Not...

America’s Failing Public Schools: Charter Schools Are Not the Solution It was with wild fanfare that the state’s Republican legislature and Republican Governor enacted their reforms for the state’s public school system. Among the panaceas was charter schools, a ‘90s education fad that gives individual parents the right to send their children to state-approved public charter schools at public expense. Politicians reasoned that less-bureaucratic charter schools would teach students better than traditional public schools because charter schools wouldn’t be subject to the same mandates that the state had heaped upon public schools. Furthermore, traditional schools would be forced to compete with charter schools as they lured thousands†¦show more content†¦Charter schools are aimed at giving parents and educators greater freedom to design an educational program aimed at increasing student achievement, accounting for greater freedom of contract between not only parent and school but also school and state. There are a number of ways that charter schools give parents greater individual control over their childrens’ education. No longer is a child bound to attend a particular school based on the geographical location of his or her home. Parents have the freedom to select a charter school that they feel would best suit the needs of their children1. Parents also have a greater say in the affairs of charter schools compared to public schools. In many instances, parents serve on the â€Å"board of education† governing the charter school, a board whose context is determined by a school’s charter and not state law. This contrasts with the traditional public school board that is limited to seven members elected from the community-at-large, regardless of whether board members have children in school. Moreover, a charter school board is entirely occupied with the operations of just one school instead of an entire district. Charter school supporters argue that this leads to le ss bureaucracy and greater efficiency in creating school policy that ultimately benefits students. TheShow MoreRelatedEssay on America’s Children Deserve Charter Schools1544 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica’s education is failing, and serious reform is needed. The topic of education has been in the forefront over the last few decades. Many, including politicians have attempted to tackle what seemed to be a hopeless situation. With all the corruption and bureaucracy within the system, it is unlikely that this problem will be resolved anytime soon. However, there is hope amidst all this, and that is charter schools. Charter schools impact education by having passionate teachers who truly careRead MoreWe’ve Found Superman All of the facts point to one prevailing conclusion; America’s school system1300 Words   |  6 PagesWe’ve Found Superman All of the facts point to one prevailing conclusion; America’s school system is failing. No film makes this clearer than â€Å"Waiting for Superman,† directed by Davis Guggenheim. In the film, Guggenheim does not hold back in his onslaught of surprising, yet true, facts. Guggenheim points out that Americans are failing compared to the world in major areas of study, such as math and science. However, there is one place American children lead the world; Confidence. Guggenheim saysRead More`` Reign Of Error Is American Education For The Lives Of Our Children? Essay1247 Words   |  5 PagesDiane Ravitch, an â€Å"educational historian†, answers four questions in her book, Reign of Error. Is American education in crisis? Is American education failing or declining? What is the evidence for reform being promoted by the government and adopted by many states? What should we do to improve our schools and the lives of our children? According to Ravitch, the †Å"crisis† concerning American education is actually a myth. In this book, she addresses myth after myth providing adequate clarityRead MoreProblems in America Education3409 Words   |  14 Pagescurrent crisis is America’s failing education system. The United States has fallen behind many other developed nations when it comes to the quality of our children’s education. A good, strong education had been a crucial part of the American dream, so then why is that this problem is being ignored and allowed to continually worsen? School districts across the county are dealing with problems like lack of funding, low teacher salary, teachers unions, increasing class sizes, and failing test scores. ARead MoreInnovation – A Step by Step Solution to Improve Education Essay1045 Words   |  5 PagesStep Solution to Improve Education This week the media was full of stories about the outrage regarding the severe cuts California is undergoing in the area of public education funding. California currently ranks 49th out of the 50 states in public school performance K-12. Most people are understandably perplexed about how we will improve school performance and close the achievement gap if we keep cutting the funding? A bit of a chicken and egg dilemma. The failing of our public schoolsRead MoreInequality in Social Classes1668 Words   |  7 Pagesfurther widening the social class gap between the people at the top incomes and the less fortunate at the lower income. Listing several issues such as the deregulation in Wall Street, globalization, and even marriage, the author illustrates how America’s top one percent has caused the widening of the economic gap between the top and the rest of society. For instance, O’Brien presents marriage as a tool by â€Å"widening inequality today, and helping it wide tomorrow.†(O’Brien) Furthermore, he connectsRead MorePublic School System Essay3062 Words   |  13 PagesFebruary 06, 2012 Abstract The public school system in America is a topic that is surrounded by great debate. There are many questions that surround this topic. The research question for this paper was, is the public school system failing to prepare our children for the future? And, what solutions are available if the system is failing? The methodology the researcher used in this paper was literature review, and he also conducted an interview with someone working in the field. In this paperRead MoreThe Future of Education in America3160 Words   |  13 PagesPublic Policy Term Paper The Future of Education in America â€Å"We are now taking the lead because for too long the public school system in Camden has failed its children†, exclaimed Chris Christie, the standing Governor of New Jersey. On the one hand, The New Jersey Public School System was awarded number 1 as the best system in the nation by 2012 Education State Ranking (Morgan, 2011). Yet on the other, only 2 percent of the graduates from Camden High School scored high enough on the SAT’s toRead MorePublic Sector Reformation through Education2660 Words   |  11 PagesI. Summary of Article The best but the hardest path to reforming the public sector is through education (The Economist Magazine 2011). America has a lot to learn from the results and implications of the 2000 survey and list of countries with the most improved education systems by the Programme for International Student Assessment or PISA. The performance of academic students at age 15 in reading, math and science was surveyed in 32 countries. According to the 2009 results, the top 5 performersRead MoreHow to Improve the Eduacation System in America2457 Words   |  10 Pagescondition and availability of resources at a school can play a major factor. A number of studies have shown that many school systems, particularly those in urban and high-poverty areas, are plagued by decaying buildings that threaten the health, safety, and learning opportunities of students. Good facilities appear to be an important precondition for student learning, provided that other conditions are present that support a strong a cademic program in the school. A growing body of research has linked student

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Makeup Artist Business Plan - 8414 Words

Executive Summary Objectives Mission Keys to Success Company Summary Company Ownership Start-up Summary Company Locations and Facilities Products and Services Product and Service Description Competitive Comparison Sales Literature Sourcing Technology Future Products and Services Market Analysis Summary Market Segmentation Target Market Segment Strategy Market Trends Market Growth Industry Analysis Industry Participants Competition and Buying Patterns Main Competitors Strategy and Implementation Summary Value Proposition Competitive Edge Marketing Strategy Positioning Statements Pricing Strategy Promotion Strategy Marketing Programs Sales Strategy Sales Programs Strategic Alliances Milestones Management Summary Organizational†¦show more content†¦Environment: providing an environment conducive to giving relaxing and professional service. Convenience: offering clients a wide range of services in one setting, and extended business hours. Reputation: reputation of the owner and other beauticians as providing superior personal service. Company Summary Capital Makeup Artist is a new destination offering customers a unique service and specific complimentary product offerings. Company Ownership Capital Makeup Artist, at this time, is a privately held company owned by John and Jane Smith with Anne Jones. In the course of fund raising, we will explore the feasibility of both a partnership, and a limited liability partnership. Start-up Summary The most important consideration will be premises and whether you plan to open a salon or work from home or as a mobile artist. Buying or renting premises for a salon may entail substantial costs, though if setting up at home, there may be implications for your mortgage and tax bill. Other start-up costs to be aware of may include: Makeup and makeup removers. Mirrors. Transport and vehicle insurance as you will need to be mobile. Office equipment such as a computer, telephone and fax machine. Equipment for any other beauty and therapy services that you plan to offer. Ongoing costs may include staff, insurance, utility bills and promotional costs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, a makeup artist salary can rangeShow MoreRelatedTheatrical Makeup And Artistic Makeup980 Words   |  4 PagesTheatrical makeup refers to makeup that is used to assist in creating the appearance of the characters that actors portray during a theater production. Theatrical makeup artists apply makeup to performers to reflect the period, setting, and situation of the role (Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance). These artists have the skills to transform people into a desired character using makeup, wigs, and other items. Many in the profession work in theater and different types of performances, moviesRead MoreMarketing Coordinator : Marketing Management Job Position892 Words   |  4 Pagesstuff. Brand Management job position also stood out to me because I would say that I hold a managerial attribute as well as promoting and making myself look good as a person brand wise. For example I currently have branded myself as a freelance makeup artist on the side, just as every company would say you have to make your consumers believe in the brand that you stand for. I think that also working in teams is something I do very well at as well; by being able to connect with different people to makeRead MoreThe History of Cosmetics and the Trends in the Fashion Industry1115 Words   |  5 PagesThis research paper will discuss some of the history of cosmetics and new trends and types of cosmetics in the fashion industry and different types of hair extensions. Would you ever guess that film makeup started back when there was black and white movies? One type of cosmetic in the fashion industry would be eyelash extensions, or fake eyelashes. Eyelash extensions have been around since 1916 , but recently have become a trend. The first fake eyelashes were made of human hair and were made forRead MoreA Brief Note On The Fashion Industry And Films1615 Words   |  7 Pagesenhancing or modifying certain features has been a part of what is considered beautiful. A strong point I have in this business is make-up. My main goal is to do editorial work for the fashion industry and films. With taking the humans simple form and enhancing the person’s appearance using cosmetics, with the help of cosmetologist to create effects and characters (â€Å"Makeup Artist Job Description†). People may think it’s just hair, but there’s more to it and can lead to more opportunities. CosmetologistRead MoreThe Skincare Tit Beauty2115 Words   |  9 PagesThe Skincare Titan Estee Lauder: Beauty is Their Family Business The American manufacturer of skincare products, Estee Lauder, was started by wife and husband Estee and Joseph Lauder. Established in 1946 in New York, they began their path together creating what is now one of the most prosperous recognized brand of companies worldwide. In a span of about fifteen years, the company grew and continued to market their product line in the United States. By 1960, the company penetrated the internationalRead MoreRca ( Radio Corporation Of America1210 Words   |  5 Pagesserves more purposes now than ever before. Over the years, RCA has taken on responsibilities such as searching for talent, signing talent, developing the artists (sometimes), recording and producing their artists, promoting and marketing their artists, and exploiting their artists material. Here is the twist, though. It is not just about the artist. Artist play an important element in the success of the company, but the people making that happen are the real vital pieces to the puzzl e. The many differentRead MoreFinancial Requirements For Sony Music Entertainment814 Words   |  4 Pages RED Associated Labels is a newly created artist development division of RED Distribution, providing a variety of label services, including new release set-up and planning, as well as radio promotion and marketing, to select Sony Music venture partners. RAL’s artist roster consists of Shaggy, The Chainsmokers, DJ Khaled, Bush, Karmin, Lyfe Jennings, Jordin Sparks, Keith Sweat, Aaron Carter, Babymetal to name a few. Goals Entrench RAL as a shared service division for of Sony Music EntertainmentRead MoreWhat Makes Mac Cosmetics?1854 Words   |  8 PagesAll ages, all races, all sexes, all MAC. This is the motto for one of the fastest growing cosmetics brands in the world, MAC Cosmetics. For MAC artists and MAC customers this motto is not just words it is truly what drives the culture of this amazing Company. At any given time you will find grandmothers shopping for color with their granddaughters. Isn t that an amazing and wonderful concept? As you read further you will see why MAC is such a unique entity in this well established industryRead MoreEssay on A Few Good Men Clip Analysis 1143 Words   |  5 Pagesjaw-dropping movie that audiences will stand in line for hours and pay top dollar to see. The key to success is finding ideas that appeal to a mass audience. Viewers are the lifeline of any production company so making something for everyone is a savvy business move for the film industry. To cover all bases, there are over fourteen different genres of movies. Film making is not a solo effort. It is a collaboration between the actors, directors, producers and other key contributors. This combined effortRead MoreMarketing Paper - MAC Cosmetics - Product Place Strategy10696 Words   |  43 Pages#2 – Product Survey Founded by Frank  Toskan  of Canada in 1984, Makeup Art Cosmetics company is one of the few companies which has used innovative PR and unconventional marketing to create a niche for itself without spending millions of pounds in advertising. The company began by giving away their cosmetics to makeup artists that worked with top models and actresses.  MAC  developed products that helped artists achieve the right look for stage lighting conditions. It is one of the few brands